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We offer a large selection of Hotsy hot and cold water pressure washers, Cuda parts washers, Gamajet tank and barrel cleaners, as well as parts, service, accessories, and detergents, to meet all types of washing needs.


Hotsy—Hot and Cold Water Pressure Washers

Hotsy is the premier name in North America for high-pressure washers! No one knows high-pressure cleaning like Hotsy! Hotsy products are known for their exceptional quality, outstanding reliability, advanced safety features, and "best in industry" warranty. One look at a Hotsy high pressure washer tells you these are rugged, top-quality machines designed for the harsh demands of industrial pressure washing.


Cuda—Automatic Parts Washers

Why waste time cleaning parts manually? Your mechanic can put a large or small part into the washer, turn a switch, and walk away. Let the automatic parts washer do the work! Cuda automatic parts washers are water based, industrial size washers that use pressurized jets of hot water and specialized detergents to deliver cleaning power that is far superior to washing parts by hand. Cuda automatic parts washers are safe for your workers, safe for the environment, and safe for your company. Thousands of customers have switched from dangerous solvents to the safe and timesaving cleaning of automatic aqueous parts washers.


Gamajet—Tank and Barrel Cleaners

As the world leader in tank cleaning technologies, Gamajet has the most versatile line of rotary impingement tank cleaning machines. Gamajet machines provide a revolutionary combination of impact and indexing allowing for a truly thorough cleaning every time. By utilizing “impact”, Gamajet machines can significantly reduce the need for other resources such as water, chemicals, energy, and time, drastically improving your bottom line.


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With our help it's easier than ever to learn everything you need to know before buying your high pressure cleaning equipment. In fact, we want to show off our pressure washers before you spend one dime! We'll come right to your site to demonstrate the power of Hotsy pressure washers—it's completely free and there's no obligation!


When you buy cleaning equipment from us, you're not just buying a piece of equipment, you're becoming our valued customer. We've given outstanding service to businesses since 1976. We provide expert, precise solutions to all your cleaning and water heating issues.